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🍒 GET 2+1 FREE Add 3 Strapless Lift Bra to get the reduction

Perk up your bust with the Strapless Lift Bra! It gives any chest size lift and support for a perkier look with deeper cleavage while staying completely hidden under any outfit.   

👙 Go Strapless - Completely hidden under any outfit. Wear low-cut, off-shoulder and backless tops without ruining the look

❤️ CLEAVAGE BOOST - The front buckle lifts your bust for a perkier look with deeper cleavage, while stabilizing and reducing bounce.

🍒 NON SLIP SUPPORTFully supports any bust size without slipping by the secure front and back buckles and a back support strap.

👙 FLATTERING SILHOUETTE Its wide wings flatten fatty bulges, creating a slimmer silhouette.

📍 UTMOST COMFORT Made from seamless, moisture-wicking, breathable fabric and completely wireless, it provides the utmost comfort for your chest.

🍑 ADJUSTABLE FIT Adjustable Fit : Available in different cup sizes, the front and back buckles are also adjustable with 4-row hooks for the best fit. 
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Strapless - PrettyLittleBust™
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